Monday, March 5, 2012

Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste Review/Giveaway

LOGOPicture of Toothpaste tube
I discovered Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste from a friends blog and wanted to try it out with Cloey, to see how it worked for myself. For a review, I was sent a 4.2 oz tube of Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste in bubblegum grape flavor.

The night I got it in my nieces stayed the night and I asked them if they would like to try it too. My nieces are 12 and 8 years old. I usually have to fight with them, to get them, to brush their teeth but they couldn't wait to try it. While they were brushing, I asked them what they thought of it, they said it tasted good. They loved seeing it change color and seeing their spit in the sink (below is a picture). They brushed for a good 4 minutes at least, the longest they have ever brushed their teeth at my house. I asked them if they think they brushed their teeth longer with the Vortex toothpaste then they do with their toothpaste at home and they said "Yeah because that toothpaste didn't burn my mouth and I thought it was cool how it changes colors." I am sure the first thing they told their mother, when they got home, was about the toothpaste they tried and how cool it was that it changes colors!
Tub with cover off

Cloey brushing her teeth
Cloey brushing her teeth
Cloey brushing her teethCloey brushing her teeth

 We bought Cloey a power toothbrush because she would only let us brush her teeth while we counted to 10. We needed to make sure we got as much as we could, while we were counting. With the Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste, she loves to see the colors and her purple spit in the sink (see picture below).
Spit in sink

 I love finding products to make my life easier! She even takes over after we have brushed her teeth and brushes for a little while longer. 
Three kids brushing teeth
See the colors. You can also see my nieces and Cloey in the mirror.
The toothpaste comes out blue and I would say pink, if you asked me, and as you brush it turns purple. 
 Vortex Color Changing Toothpaste was invented by a dentist named Dr. Howard Wright. He removed the foaming agent, this makes it easier for little ones to breathe while brushing there teeth, removes the burning sensation and the cause of up to 90% of all canker sores.
Information from their website:
Vortex is safe and good for your children's gums.Vortex does not contain any strange chemicals and there are no foaming agents in Vortex that can cause gum irritation. Traditional toothpastes contain foaming agents that make your toothpaste look like it's working. Researchers are finding that this unnecessary foaming agent, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, can burn your gums, cause apthus ulcers,(commonly called canker sores) and does little or nothing to actually clean your teeth. It is this Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that, according some researchers, that causes up to 90% of all canker sores in both children's and adult mouths.

Thank you Dr. Howard Wright, for inventing this toothpaste and for sending me a tube to review. I am very happy with it, and most of all Cloey really likes it, so we give it two thumbs up! 

To Buy it, to try it for yourself or for someone you know, Click Here
Click Here for questions and answers along with the list of ingredients, from their site.

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“I was not paid for this review and my honest opinions were used. I was given a product, free of cost, by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for review only. Opinions in this review are mine and are in NO WAY influenced by financial compensation.”  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. My son would love this toothpaste! It would definitely motivate him to brush his teeth 3 times a day. What's great about it is that it combines two flavors in one tube so the children would never be bored with just having one flavor!

    Sterling Delorme